There is no better time than
now to start living healthy.


Your Guide to a Healthy Sustainable Future

What Can I Do For You?

I provide personalised 1-2-1 online coaching that covers what I call the fundamentals of Human Health. Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Hydration and Stress management. By paying more attention to these areas and developing a balanced approach I can ensure you get the results you want and leave you with a blueprint for a lifetime of sustainable healthy living.

The Coaching Process

Make Contact

Download the App and book a Consultation call. This call gives me the chance to learn everything I can about your lifestyle needs and specific goals. Once deciding on a Coaching Package, we will then work together to create a custom plan with detailed easy to follow instructions on how to get started.


Take Action

This is where your transformation begins. I will be with you every step of the way providing daily support, accountability and helpful resources to help you stay on track. We will have regular check in call’s where I will give you feedback on how your week has been, and I will provide suggestions, guidance and make any adjustments to the plan if needed.


Get Results

Whatever Coaching Package you choose, we will work together to ensure it fits in with your life, rather than you having to fit in with a plan you find difficult and unsustainable. I will teach you a new approach to health and my evidence based, science backed methods, will have you in the best shape of your life.


Looking after the key elements of health the Nordic Way!

The Coaching Packages

Kick Start Session

1 Hour 

 This one-off coaching call is designed for anyone who is struggling to get started, maybe you've hit a plateau in your current approach, or you just want some trusted advice on the fundamentals of health and how best to apply them to your everyday routine.

More Details

Prior to the session you will be sent a Kick Start Questionnaire that will enable me to create a progressive step by step action plan to help you overcome your most pressing issues. You will leave the call with clarity on how to take the next steps and start building the body, mind, and lifestyle you want.

650 SEK
55 £
75 $

The Revival Plan 

4 Weeks

Even with a clear understanding of what needs to be done to achieve the desired results we can still become lost and find ourselves standing still. Life can lead us away from our chosen path which can leave us feeling frustrated, demotivated, and unsure of where we are going wrong.

More Details

The Revival Plan was created for those who need help getting back on track and realigning focus so you can continue along the path to achieving your health, fitness, and lifestyle goals.

What's Included?

Free 1 Hour Consultation Call
Daily Support & Accountability
Weekly 30 min Check In Call
Body Specific Nutrition Plan
Food Diary & Meal Planner
Physical Activity & Movement Plan
Access to Nordic Health Coach Online Community


3000 SEK
250 £
350 $

The Elements Plan

12 Weeks

This is my Flagship coaching plan and is designed for those who need a complete lifestyle overhaul. Whether you're starting from scratch or you've been on a diet for the last 20 years, The Elements Plan is your exit strategy. 

More Details

I'll teach you everything you need to know about the key elements of health so you can start to feel free, confident and happy to eliminate old patterns and engage in new, healthy habits that allow you to lose weight for good.

What's Included?

Free 1 Hour Consultation Call
Daily Support & Accountability
30 min Check In Call every 2 Weeks
Body Specific Nutrition Plan
Food Diary & Meal Planner
Physical Activity & Movement Plan
Access to Nordic Health Coach Online Community

5500 SEK
465 £
640 $

My Mission

To help you reach your goals, and cultivate confidence, happiness and longevity. 

To cut away unnecessary distraction and influence that serves only to hold you back from reaching your true potential.

To encourage, strengthen and inspire a new approach to health and wellbeing.

To guide those who need help to a place of understanding and autonomy that will stay with them for life. 


Super friendly. And knows what he’s talking about. I just wanted to lose some weight and build some muscle. I’m now on the right track and making progress. “Torbjörn”

Highly recommend, everything made simple, very nice for me. I have now lots of energy, my skin is clear and I have lost nearly 4kg and I take it forwards, Tusen Tack! “Marit”

Fantastic! I felt a great connection with James immediately and he has helped me improve many aspsects of my lifestyle for the better. “Adesh”

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