Looking after the key elements of health the Nordic Way

The Nordic Way

The Nordic nations are often thought of as some of the healthiest and happiest on planet earth. Each having their own unique concept or way of expressing their national character that runs deep into the ancestral heart of each country. 

Although this subregion of Northern Europe consists of 5 clearly defined countries, there is an undying essence of the Nordic way that is ingrained and endures from a time before borders and national identity separated the people.

I call this “The Nordic Elements” and I believe by combining all 5 together and applying them to our lives it can have a profound, long lasting effect on our physical & mental health.

When we think about the most basic but important aspects of our health, nutrition, movement, sleep, hydration, and stress management, “The Nordic Elements” are intrinsically linked.



The Nordic Elements


Lagom = Just the right amount.


På Tur = Connection to Nature


Hygge = Contentment and Well Being.


Sisu = Strength, Courage, Perseverance in the face of unfavourable odds.


Petta Reddast = Don’t worry, everything will be fine.

A Balance for Life

We have never been more stressed, unhappy and overwhelmed by our daily lives. We search for answers, but they can sometimes be hard to find in the midst of a hectic modern day life.

Many people associate the word ‘balance’ to mean that everything has to be equal or perfect. Unfortunately, except for a lucky few, life is rarely, if ever, any of these things. 

When life is generally balanced, you’re more likely to have the confidence to deal with anything difficult that comes your way.

These elements are key to striking a balance that will help you lead a healthy, happy and contented life.

They will ensure we progress as individuals and keep us grounded and connected to what’s really important. Health & Happiness.